Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Trains - aargh!!!!

I am sat waiting for Andrew to come back from London! It's now 10.45pm and he is still not home, despite arriving at Paddington at just before 5pm!
There was apparently a fire on the line and so all trains were cancelled, he had to go to Waterloo and get a train to Reading, then change and fortunately they held the direct train.
Then.... they said everyone would have to get off at Worcester - panic phone call from Andrew, as they were chucked off the train!!! But a few seconds later they let them all back on and said they would bring them home - phew!
I thought I was going to have to make a late night dash - but instead I decided to snap a piccie of my latest gerbera. As you have probably noticed gerbera's are a bit of a passion, particularly orange ones. The colour is purely from the flash, the picture was taken in a very dark room and I wanted to see how the flash would pick out the colour. i think it looks quite velvety, so quite pleased!
Jayne xx

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