Sunday, 4 March 2007

New Blog and Busy Week

Well I have taken the plunge and started a blog! I hope you will find it interesting.
Let me introduce myself - I am Jayne (I will post a photo soon - when I can find a decent one!) and I have been crafting (mainly cardmaking) for the last two years - don't shoot me but the craft shows on QVC inspired me!!!!!!!! But I have since developed my own styles.

I know others have said it but my hobby has grown into an online craft shop, which will hopefully expand into a "proper" bricks and mortar store - and I can escape the day job.

Anyway you will learn more as the weeks, months (years possibly!) go on and I will bring you shop stories, crafting tips and more

and so the story begins........

Last Week.....
What a busy week it was and mainly shop orientated! We were very inspired after our trip to the Stitches trade show and so will have lots more surprises for you coming soon too.
We also went to the Wholesaler and rummaged through the boxes to bring you some fabulous Eno Craft Stickers:-

There is something for everyone - florals, animals, teddies, tags and even pirates and dalmations - we now have 33 styles in stock check them out here.
Also something that really caught my eye were the new double sided Chester papers from MAMBI, absolutely gorgeous and here!

Speak to you all soon!

Happy Crafting.

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