Sunday, 11 March 2007

Little Donkey - Well Shetland Pony Actually!

Can I start by saying thank you to all of you that left comments about my Daring Cardmakers challenge - it was lovely to have such support and to think I was nervous about posting it!!!

I now feel truly inspired - wonder how long it will last!

I am not sure that I can boast mastering my Craft Robo just yet - as the comment left on the Mummy P card suggested - fortunately no-one was around to hear me shouting when I forgot to put the carrier sheet in or pressed send to printer rather than Craft Robo!!! But hey I enjoy the challenge and making the images which I will share soon (when I can work out how!).

I was working most of yesterday so didn't manage to get out in the sunshine, but made up for it today with a walk - and we were surprised to find that the donkeys that live near us have a new friend - little donkey (well Shetland Pony to be precise!).

He (or she) was gorgeous and very friendly and soft to stroke too. He has this amazing shaggy "perm" for a mane which has an almost blue tinge to it - we were teasing that it had, had a blue rinse!
He seemed very pleased to have his picture taken and positively posed for it!

Just discovered some twelveby12 orange gerbera paper in my stash - no idea where it came from, he, he!!! It is now sat on the side tempting me - so maybe you will see something creative very soon!

Happy crafting.
Jayne xx

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