Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Back to Work and Card for Mummy P

Well it was back to work yesterday - which is why I didn't post! Always hard the first day back after a holiday - even if it was only for a week - so completely shattered and collapsed when I came home.

It was good to catch up with everyone. It was raining all day too which meant that it wasn't too distressing to be shut in. It did mean, however that one of the major car parks in town was flooded which meant that people pinched the spaces in my car park! So I struggled to find somewhere to go and was nearly late.

That car park was still flooded today and some of the main roads too, the river is up, but hasn't caused too much disruption it just seems to be the places you wouldn't expect to be flooded today.

Anyway, enough about the weather! I tried a new style today for my mother's day card - going for something a bit elegant this time! It is a black and white look (well black and cream - the card is cream), with a splash of silver mirri card tucked in behind.

The coat stand and MUM lettering were made using my best friend the Craft Robo.
I spent ages with a pair of pliers trying to make the coat hanger out of some garden wire that I had taken the green coating off. In hindsight I think that the wire was too thick and not particularly pliable, but the only other thing I had was picture wire which is stranded and very difficult to use - it kept splitting, plus it was gold in colour - not fitting with my theme and I just had to have a coat hanger so on I ploughed!
I love the coat it is actually a Habico embroidered iron-on motif, but it is just beautiful, black and shiny silver with 3 little gems for buttons (in stock here). The coat is mounted onto some cream hammer card, which is then put onto the silver mirri card.
The flowers at the bottom were using my second favourite thing at the moment my Design Runner from Xyron - what did I do before it came along? - It was also used for the "Happy Mothers Day" inside.

Well that's the card done for my mum, just Andrew's mums to do next and then there is Easter, Dad's Birthday and just for fun to come!

Speak to you tomorrow!

Jayne xx

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Kathy said...

This is great!
I love the hat stand - it's just like ours! You're obviously a wizz with the robo - I think you should give me some lessons - I got one for Christmas and I'm still a bit scared of it tbh. I've really just played with the templates that came with it and making words with it - which I am getting the hang of - but slowly!