Friday, 9 March 2007

My First Daring Cardmakers Challenge! Superbaby

This is the first Daring Cardmakers challenge I have attempted! The (Super)Heroes challenge can be seen here.
I wasn't sure what to do at first and then came up with SUPERBABY and of course all the best superhero's do it in pants!
Hence my theme.

The card is shaped as a pair of pants - it is shown here on a red background.
The card was covered in baby border paper, which was hidden in my stash - I think from a mini scrapbook kit.
I put yellow ribbon on the edges of the "leg holes" (partly to disguise some dubious cutting - not my best today!!!).
My favourite toy the Craft Robo came out to play to make the nappy pin, which is actually cut out of silver mirri card but difficult to show in the picture. Robi also cut the S which was then threaded through the pin.

Well that's my first dare attempt - very nervous, hope it's OK!
Thanks for looking!!!!
Jayne x


Gillian Hamilton said...

G'day Jayne.. Welcome to the dares.. it's always great to see a new name on the comments.. What a fun card.. had a lovely chuckle at your superheroes doing it in their paints comment.. It really does look like a pair of pants.. Can't wait to see what you do next.. Thanks for joining in..

Keryn Campbell said...

Thanks so much for joining in. I just love your card.

Lythan said...

That is a brilliant take on the dare! Thanks for sharing your great card

Lynne.x said...

Hi Jayne, welcome to DCM.
Fab first dare, I had a chuckle at your pants - well not your pants ;) - hehehe!!!!

Looking forward to seeing a lot more of your work on the dare blog.

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for joining in with our dare - and for giving me a good giggle first thing on a Saturday morning.

Paula said...

Very clever take on the dare.
Love the nursery themed pants!!!

Jo said...

Wow, fab card :) The robi cuts look brilliant. Thank you so much for joining in the dare :)

jo xx

Anonymous said...

Great card Jayne and fun too. Love it.

Anntaurus said...

Great card and a lot of fun!

Rachel said...

this is fab, I love it and so cute!!! great to see you joining in the dares - no need to be nervous, a great card and well done

Rhi said...

Fantastic Jayne, such a fantastic idea and I love the way you've done it! Totally Fab :)
Rhi x

Heather said...

How clever!! Love your card. Very cute!