Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Max is Speshal!

Well I teased you yesterday and here he is! Max the puppy!! We spent Sunday with Max who belongs to Andrew's mum.
We played football, we played ball and we were wowed by Max's tricks picked up at Puppy training.
I wasn't going to do a Speshal dare just yet, because I wanted to pick up confidence in my scrapbooking from the Design Collective, but when I saw the dare here, to theme a scrapbook page on an interview with.... and seeing Dolly's take with the Fiki monster I just had to have a go!! I have my own tabby tiger monster cat, but after spending the day with Max it had to be him!
I will introduce you to George the cat at a later stage.
My Speshal Dare was made using MAMBI Snapdragon cardstock from the Chester range. I haven't really used any embellishments because the paper is just so gorgeously busy and vibrant, so I just cut around a few of the flowers and used them as a frame.
I think the question and answer session sum up Max - not sure what he would think though.
Because of the reward of a carrot for the Donkeys below, I am probably now in debt to Max for putting him on the blog!
What treat do you think he should be allowed?

Jayne xx


Karen said...

Haha, that's briliant. Love the questions and Max's answers are just brilliant. My dog (also called Max) loves eating apple cores too. And carrots lol. Lovely page too, thanks for playing. :)

Suzanne said...

Love the layout, the paper works really well. And the interview was such fun to read!