Saturday, 17 March 2007

Flower Shopping

Today was flower shopping day in preparation for tomorrow. Mummy P is having this gorgeous pink hydrangea in a pot. I am not entirely sure about keeping hydrangeas indoors, I have always known them as outdoor plants.
My grandmother had a huge plant that had to be 6ft wide and 6ft tall and that is not an exaggeration!! The heads were beautiful and because of the soil some were blue, some were pink and some were a mixture!! Very unusual.

But anyway, it seems to be all the rage to move hydrangeas into the house - I will keep you updated on how it fairs.

Mummy D is getting a bunch of flowers, I am probably not supposed to say!! - but Andrew said that his mum is not good with plants you need to keep alive!!! (Jayne now in BIG trouble!!!!) We searched the length and breath of Hereford and couldn't seem to find anything suitable. But as ususal Markie Sparks (Marks and Spencers to non Herefordians) came to the rescue. with this gem. The picture doesn't do the flowers justice but the whites and then the contrast of the purple - is stunning. I am not sure the names of all the flowers, but there are different textures which really adds to the bouquet - fingers crossed she will like them.

Well during all this flower shopping I fell for a couple of things too! How could I resist this striking Clivia?? We bought one for Mummy P about 3 years ago, for Mothers Day - that one is still going strong. They flower best when they are pot bound, strange! But they flourish when they are literally bursting out of their pot. You feel guilty about neglecting them and itch to repot, but apparently that is the worse thing to do - and you wouldn't want to miss out on their fantastic blooms!!

I also picked up a cute little Bellis - it is really sweet and looks like a pompom! Again it is difficult to show it off to its best in the picture. I have used it to replace a primrose, in one of my outside pots. The primrose was mysteriously decapitated?? Not sure how, but I am suspicious about the neighbours cat - it wouldn't have been my George of course!!!

So I think that is us ladies well and truly spoilt for this weekend - there is even talk of a trip to Thorntons in the morning to pick up some chocolates too - can it get any better, he he!!!!!

After all that shopping we decided to go for a walk to make the most of the glorious sunshine - I can't believe it's going to snow??? We went to see the Donkey's and Shetland Pony and Andrew had snuck a carrot in his pocket, but unfortunately they were at the other end of the field and didn't seem interested in saying hello.
We apparently (life according to Andrew) had to take a carrot to thank them for letting me take pictures last week and putting one on the blog!!! Must be some kind of equity thing!!!Well they missed out today.

Well I think thats it for now.
Thank you for the lovely comments on yesterdays DCM dare - they are appreciated.

Love Jayne xxx

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Beautiful flowers :)