Monday, 10 March 2008

Thank You Trevor!

Well I am as officially bad at making and sending thank you cards as I am at blogging!
This is my thank you to Trevor, my uncle for sending us Marks and Spencers vouchers for Christmas (yes Christmas!).
I decided to keep it simple and used the gorgeous orange papers from Daisy D's Autumn collection. The ribbon is a piece from my scraps that with orange trim, just happens to co-ordinate. The Thank You was printed using my trusty design runner.

So what did we do with the vouchers? Used them to buy Chocolate Melting Middle puddings of course! - don't you just love them ..... the way that hot glossy melted chocolate flows gracefully out of the pudding as you break into the soft dark brown sponge - (just think of Dervla saying that in her beautiful Irish accent - sounds much sexier!).
Off to put the oven on!!!!
Jayne xx

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